Street Posters Melbourne
Inspired By Melbourne Exhibition

When I completed ‘The Tram City’ painting in my bayside studio – the first of a series of retro-travel-inspired street posters Melbourne – the thought of exhibiting hadn’t crossed my mind. I was so thrilled to draw inspiration from Melbourne’s city all I wanted to do was put paint to canvas and create some cool art designs again after relocating back to Melbourne from California.

A decade living abroad meant the city had changed, but the essence, the qualities of Melbourne still remained. Old Melbourne stood tall amongst the evolving city and memories of growing up in Melbourne rekindled. I was having so much fun creating the street posters Melbourne…Melbourne art, essentially, and seeing the city from an artistic perspective for the first time I decided to create a series, the ‘Melbourne Poster Series.’

As my painting series progressed, and the body of work grew, so did my love for the city! I thought how wonderful it would be to share my work with fellow art lovers, friends, family and Melbourne’s community. I set a goal to find the perfect gallery to showcase my paintings. Mulbury Gallery, an industrial chic space in Melbourne’s bayside community of Highett, opened their doors in February 2021 for two weeks to host my “Inspired By Melbourne” exhibition. This was my debut Melbourne exhibition, and my second exhibition as an artist.

The exhibition was all about celebrating Melbourne, the city, its beauty, culture and history! 15 retro-travel-poster-inspired oil-on-canvas artworks were created capturing some of Melbourne’s iconic sights and events. It was such a joy to see people enjoying my artistic perspective of Melbourne represented in a light hearted painting style and colourful palette! With local baristas Gilano Coffee offering complimentary espresso and chocolates to all guests, the room was buzzing with positivity, colourful wall art and conversations over coffee, reminiscing life in this great city. It really felt like a celebration, and the show vibe was everything I wanted it to be and more!

I love how art can bring people and communities together creating an experience! Visually art can be a powerful form to communicate a message or alter human emotions. During the exhibition witnessing in person the emotional connections people had with my art was empowering! There is no greater reward for an artist than seeing the smiles on the faces of people viewing your work. I thank Melbourne for inspiring the series and giving me the opportunity to share my work! I hope all those who attended enjoyed the exhibit and I thank you for joining me.

Will I exhibit again? Absolutely yes! I recommend exhibiting to any artist out there! Showcase your art, be proud of what you do, and thankful that you have the creativity and skill to do it! I have to admit, I am most comfortable in my own space, in my studio creating art all day! The thought of being in a room full of people viewing my art was somewhat daunting, I was a bundle of nerves on the opening weekend! But once the doors opened I was truly in my happy place.

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