Importance of Art In Interior Design

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The importance of art in interior design has often been well known, and acclaimed interior designer Martin Waller, co-founder of Andrew Martin, has even been referred to as the “Indiana Jones of interior design” by The Evening Standard.

The Notting Hill-based designer’s aesthetic is inspired by his travels and set designs from the James Bond film series. He believes design is a wide-ranging take of cultures, history, and the arts in the broadest sense, and not just fabrics and furniture.

He has said “Nothing is finished without the art. It’s what designs the space.”
In last month’s journal article, I talked about connecting with art in our lives and the numerous ways we interact with art.

Today, I wanted to look more closely at art in the interior design space.
Why? Because I love interior design! It’s another passion of mine, and after studying and gaining a diploma online through ‘The Interior Design Institute,’ I always envisaged someday it would help me in my work life, in this case understanding the design elements of creating compelling wall art.

In fact, art and interior design are more closely related than we think, and each plays off the other.
The relationship between art and interior design is quite intricate.

Interior designers have an ongoing desire to grasp new and exciting artworks to complete an interior space. No matter what style of art; decorative, abstract, figurative, or commercial – interior design can connect people with art.

In today’s world extraordinary art can be witnessed by viewers through the good work of interior designers, intricately working with art as an element of their design. More frequently than not, people can now connect with a ‘work of art’ in a public interior space, at work, or at home, and not just in a traditional art space like a gallery!

Art has the capacity to harmoniously blend with other design elements in a room. For example, a beautiful, framed piece of art cleverly positioned on a wall can complement a sofa, and create a focal point within that room. It truly is a beautiful and sophisticated relationship.

Thanks to the internet, social media platforms, and blogs, there are many helpful and useful tips on interior design for the home. But how can art be implemented in your home or workspace to create a harmonious environment for you?

When considering the importance of art in interior design, there are many design attributes that art can have within a space. In my opinion, one key aspect to remember is there is no real right or wrong when it comes to interior designing, especially in your home. Your home is a reflection of you, and your art choices too!

The choice of art and positioning of art is important within a personal space. Just like interior designers use colour and forms of lighting to provoke an emotion or feeling within a space, art can be a design element to relax you, or to energise and motivate you.

It can tell a story about you or remind you of a loved one or travel experience. Think about what art fits best within your rooms. Art in your space can showcase your creativity, it can bring colour and vibrancy, texture and warmth.

Art can be a statement piece, a ‘wow factor’ or focal point by creating a reaction or positive impression! I’m so impressed by the powerful impact art can have on our lives and in our homes! When hanging your next piece of art think about how your home can showcase your art collection, and be an expression of YOU!

*Helpful tip: When hanging a framed piece of art, or canvas in your home…position the middle point of the artwork at eye level!

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