Sunshine Coast Art Galleries: Digital Art – A New Direction In 2022

sunshine coast art galleries - Stumers Creek - Art-By-Simone

For Sunshine Coast art galleries, another year ends and a new begins. It’s at this time I reflect on and acknowledge the work I have done as an artist. As I’ve grown older, I’ve learnt to not only focus on all the things I have planned, but also to stop periodically and recognise and appreciate all that I’ve accomplished. It is when I do this, I realise how much I’ve grown as an artist, a business woman, and emotionally in self-confidence and self-belief.

2021 was a busy year both in my business and personal life. And amidst the pandemic we all face it was my most successful year as an artist thus far; not only by a measure of art sales but the realisation of why art is an important part of my life. The importance was highlighted with my first Melbourne exhibition ‘Inspired by Melbourne,’ an oil-on-canvas original art show celebrating Melbourne, its beauty, and history; through a series of 15 retro travel poster inspired artworks. Not only did the art exhibition bring our communities of Melbourne together with a celebration, but emotionally it allowed a strong connection between the city and its people. The power of art can trigger memories of a lifetime. And in that moment amongst the people enjoying my art, reminiscing and sharing their stories with others, I realised what an honour and privilege it was, and is for me to be an artist.

The busy-ness of the year made the year fly, but with that created an energising vibe full of positivity. I naturally allowed myself to step up and take advantage of what opportunity I had. It was just one month after the Melbourne exhibition my husband and I relocated to Coolum Beach, on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, to be closer to family. I saw this as an opportunity to expand on my collection of artwork, expand on my art network, and discover new and inspiring surroundings. I couldn’t wait to start exploring and drawing!

However, after relocating to Queensland, my enthusiasm for painting wasn’t where I wanted it to be, so I decided to put aside my brushes and focus on continuing to create art with digital media. This was a great opportunity to master my technique as a digital artist and learn more about the technology, which would allow me to keep my creative juices flowing. And…it was a great move! I launched the beginnings of a new digital art series ‘The Sunshine Coast,’ a travel poster inspired collection of the region, a ‘Summertime’ series inspired by the Comic Pop Art style of the 1960s, and I even made time to create several custom digital art illustrations for art lovers. I’m so thankful that I allowed myself to journey into the digital art world! It fed my passion which is to create art. When I’m creating, I’m happy and that is one very powerful human emotion.

Having felt the success and enjoyment of being able to continue to create without brushes, the freedom it has given me to create anywhere I may be, my art focus has taken a shift toward a new direction in 2022, as it has done for a handful of other Sunshine Coast art galleries. This year I’m focusing on my online business to share my art and reach art lovers from all over the world. Having invested in a new website and online shop, and with the support from Online Marketing Group to help build my online presence, my goal is to expand my portfolio of art, and my collections of fine art prints available to purchase online as a digital artist. And, although focusing online is just a small part of art business, life seems to be heading more towards the digital world of online shopping. It only seems fitting to pay attention to it. I’m looking forward to sharing more digital artworks with you to make you smile in 2022!  See you online!

Alex Mileham