Artists Timeline: A Look Back At 2022

artists timeline

At the beginning of every year, I say “my goal is to slow down time,” because it feels like with age each year passes by so fast and one year rolls into the next in the artists timeline.
It might just be my perspective on time, but I don’t think I’m alone here. It’s scary just how quickly time seems to run, and the constant chase to keep up with this fast-moving world in which we live is just that…constant!
Is it technology, expectation, or communication that’s speeded up life? The reality is that life will continue to move fast whichever the case, and with my attempt to slow time failing me, I’ve given up on slowing time, but rather just embracing the time I have.
We have all heard the term “we only live once” and it’s absolutely true. I’ve had ordinary days, down-and-out kinda days, and days where I’ve felt like l’ve been stuck and wasted time this year!
The saying “I’m killing time” just irritates me. Doing something that keeps you busy while you are waiting for something else to happen isn’t how I like to tackle each day.
But the truth is I have had those moments this year with the artists timeline.
Perhaps those “ordinary” days gives my creative brain some time out! We certainly are our own hardest critic. But with age I’ve learnt to become more reasonable with myself.
Those ordinary days can make you grow and allow you to see things differently. A natural pause to gain perspective and understanding before moving forward.
I don’t know if I’ll ever fully understand the concept of human emotions, but I’m not sure it really matters. For me it’s about intuition and trusting in the ebb and flow of the waves of life.
When we have the chance to look back at our year, and I encourage you to do so, our awareness of just how much we’ve achieved and done becomes apparent whether in business or personal life.
I particularly like to do this with my fine art business. Art-By-Simone has had a successful year.
Business success is often measured through how much money we make. Sure, that’s a fair measure, but to me this year’s success wasn’t about how many oil-on-canvas paintings I sold, or fine art prints were sold online.
I admit it’s a beautiful compliment when someone purchases your art and it’s nice to earn a living from art. The natural growth of sharing my art and creating more of it means I can do so, and for that I’m most grateful.
But my art success this year has been about my growing confidence in tackling a new medium, creating art digitally and showcasing my digital work within my community and beyond.
When I started creating art digitally, I questioned whether my work would be perceived as “real art.” I came from using a well-respected traditional oil-on-canvas medium to creating art using an Apple drawing app and an iPad.
But what I realised, and what motivated me to pursue the medium, was that the digital medium aligned beautifully with my style of art.
It allowed me to create more frequently, and it pushed my creative barriers by allowing me to explore more broadly with colour and technique. It has been such a fun medium and so fulfilling.
This year was about learning the skills of a digital artist, but I questioned how my digital art would be perceived. 2022 confirmed that my art has been received well, and I’m proud of that.
I am pleased to have my digital art hanging at a local gallery, showcasing it online, and touching peoples’ lives by creating art that sparks a beautiful memory.
Creating art that connects people and their experiences and community, and people wanting my art for their homes is a huge compliment and truly rewarding as an artist.
The bottom line is that people want beautiful art no matter what the medium, and as I move forward with my art career, I’m proud to call myself a digital artist, even on my ordinary days! 🙂

You can see a definition of fine art here. 

Alex Mileham