Travel Art Prints & Why We Love Travel Art

travel art prints - Maroochy River

Australians have a love of travel and with that comes our love of travel art prints. ‘Tis the season to travel in Australia! Summertime, Christmas, and the school holidays brings a buzzing vibe of excitement, and sometimes chaos for those who see things differently.

But for many families, new adventures will be planned, and new places discovered.

Today, travel is the biggest industry in the world. And although the pandemic impacted the industry momentarily, momentum is building once again and more people are travelling.

Travel has never been more accessible, for people all over the world to travel more often, and to more places.

I think we all crave a change of place from time to time and you don’t have to go far from home to do that. Travel is associated with those changes and new experiences. I think as human beings we are inquisitive by nature.

As a traveller we get to learn, experience and challenge ourselves through experiencing diverse cultures and their histories as we search to find more meaning about our mysterious planet we all share.

As an artist, travel provides me with a means to expose myself to new subject matter, new methods and techniques, and potentially a new focus to my art.

It’s also a way to challenge myself as an artist to view and emotionally connect with new places with an artistic perspective.

The simplest forms and elements are amplified through artistic eyes; and the anticipation of a new drawing after travel is the best type of creative motivation I can get.

Travel art is the artistic representation of our idyllic love of exploration which can be represented through many art mediums and styles, such as illustrations, paintings, posters, graphic maps, photography and sculptures.

Travel art embodies a moment, an experience, an emotion or a dream of travel. Travel art prints can bring the beauty of our exploration close to home and connect people, friends, families and communities through shared experiences.

I think travel art not only evokes our senses, as it represents a significant moment or experience through exploration of our world, but it’s relatable to so many and that’s why we love it.

This kind of art has the power to inspire and motivate you in your day-to-day life which can play a key role in happiness.

My artistic philosophy is to create art to simply make you smile. I associate travel with a positive, enlightening experience.

Creating a series of travel art prints like my most recent and expanding Sunshine Coast collection of graphic style digital illustrations, which are inspired by my local travel experiences, has one purpose; to share, showcase and bring the beauty of the region into people’s homes.

Whether it is memories of trips taken or places visited in dreams, travel art will always be a beautiful aesthetic representation of a person’s journey through life.

It will always be an aesthetic to connect people, family and loved ones through shared experiences, an aesthetic to inspire, tell a story for years to come, and an aesthetic to evoke emotions that positively influence our happiness.

Travel art will always be popular, for as long as we continue to travel, we will continue to seek the memories of beautiful travel experiences through art.

Alex Mileham