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Melbourne Myki Stickers – A Charitable Collaboration

Myki Sticker Pink Tram - Art-By-Simone

A ​Myki Card is your ticket to travel on trains, tram and buses in Melbourne and many parts of regional Victoria. If you live in Melbourne and use public transport a Myki card makes getting around Melbourne easy!

I was very fortunate to recently collaborate with local business Melbourne In A Box, a social enterprise supporting local businesses and charities. The “Myki Sticker Project”, a collaboration between local Melbourne artists and designers, each created a sticker design to decorate a Myki Card! This project was not only about sharing and enjoying cool designs, 100% of profits help support The Social Studio, a Melbourne community space created from the style and skills of young people from new migrant and refugee communities.

The team at Melbourne In A Box are all about promoting and sharing the good works of local artists! Thank you Melbourne In A Box for your amazing support!

Buy Myki Stickers from Melbourne In A Box to decorate your Myki card and anything else for that matter!


Hello my name is Simone Wolowiec. Here's some background on my love of art... and my fine art prints Australia. Passion for art began for me after retiring as a professional athlete in 2006. I hadn't picked up a paintbrush since I was a kid, but excitement and a curiosity for transforming a blank canvas into an imaginative scene led me to take art classes in my home city of Melbourne, Australia.