Why Is Art Important? What Is Art And Why We Love Original Art

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Why is art important? Beauty is in the eye of the art lover! According to Philosophy Now Magazine “The fundamental difference between art and beauty is that art is about who has produced it, whereas beauty depends on who’s looking”. As an artist, art and beauty meld into one; as an art lover you get to choose!

What is art? One definition I found says, “Art is a diversification of products and human activities involving creative imagination to express beauty, emotional power, and conceptual ideas.” There is no agreed definition of what constitutes art, and ideas have changed over decades. “The Arts” in broader definition can fall into three categories, although this is also somewhat arbitrary; “Visual Art” like painting, drawing, sculpture and architecture, “Performing Arts” such as theatre, dance, and “Interactive Media” which can include literature, music and film.

As a visual artist, I create works of art using various media. From drawing on paper to painting on canvas using acrylics and oil paints to digital art using my Apple pen and the “Procreate” drawing app. Creating original and unique visual art is endless, and the constant buzz of excitement rattles my thoughts for the opportunities of ways to create.

What is Original Art? In the art world “Original Art” is powerful and influential! Original art is an authentic, physical example of the works by an artist, rather than a reproduction or imitation. There is only one of a kind and its uniqueness brings value. Original art also has glamour and is celebrated in society through art auctions, art exhibitions and shows, unveiling art at a momentous occasion to honour its uniqueness and representation. “Original” perks the senses and it’s why many art enthusiasts love it!

Not all “Original Art” is necessarily expensive, however an original painting, for example, will always hold greater monetary value than a reproduction, and in time will increase in price in correlation to the experience and success of the artist who created it.

Why is art important? There are several reasons why we value original art and why we will pay more for it. Here I will highlight two. Apart from the originality a “one-of-a-kind” artwork which makes it unique “The Story” – behind the art can create a personal connection to the art! You meet the artist in person, hear their story behind the artwork, and understand the feelings behind it. An emotional connection is a powerful force and in the eyes of an art lover, if a deep, strong emotional connection is made, along with the depth of the original art aesthetics and topic, its worth is often increased and well worth the investment. “The Aesthetics” – an original oil-on-canvas painting as an example has a unique visual quality, depth and richness about it! Usually hand signed by the artist, you can see the paint strokes applied by the artist, and know it’s the original. The artwork is hand-produced, and every colour is specifically chosen and hand-applied. A gallery wrapped canvas literally can pop off the wall and create a powerful, beautiful statement in any space.

Throughout the long history of art, the use of traditional mediums like oil-on-canvas to produce original art has had great power. I feel it whenever I stand in front of a blank canvas, and it inspires me to continue creating “Original Fine Art”. Nothing beats the smell of wooden frames, freshly stretched canvas and lingering oil paints in my studio!


Hello my name is Simone Wolowiec. Here's some background on my love of art... and my fine art prints Australia. Passion for art began for me after retiring as a professional athlete in 2006. I hadn't picked up a paintbrush since I was a kid, but excitement and a curiosity for transforming a blank canvas into an imaginative scene led me to take art classes in my home city of Melbourne, Australia.