How To Frame Fine Art Prints: Top Tips For 2022

how to frame fine art prints

Framing art is a personal design choice and when it comes to how to frame fine art prints, there are plenty of options! I’d like to think there’s no wrong or right decision when choosing a frame style to capture your art, it really is about what you like.
In last month’s blog, I talked about the fine art printing process. This month, I’d like to share a few tips on framing your fine art prints, which can make all the difference to showcasing your favourite piece.
There are many framing styles that can be simple or ornate, include a mat board, or just framed with the border from the print…much like a vintage-style art poster. A fine art print can be framed behind glass or an acrylic front which is lighter for hanging in your home. And then there is canvas art framing, which is often a shadow box frame, also referred to as a floating frame.
Often art prints can just sit round the house and not up on your walls because framing can seem complicated, but it doesn’t have to be! Your house doesn’t need to look like an art museum, and just about any print will look stunning in a simple white gallery frame.
Here are three simple tips on how to frame fine art prints properly!

Protect your art! However you choose to frame your art, be sure to use archival grade, acid-free or acid-neutral materials like backing boards, papers, and mats. This will preserve your art over time and prevent yellowing, discolouration and deterioration of your art. For glass front or acrylic front frames, check that the material has been treated to protect from ultraviolet rays and once framed avoid hanging art in direct sunlight. Be sure your art is sealed and protected from moisture by using framing tape. If you have your art framed professionally you will often see framing tape at the back of the frame. Climate humidity and bathrooms are environments where moisture can reach your art and cause mould growth. Your art can also stick to the frame itself and be damaged!

Frame Style:
Choose a frame style that compliments your decorating style. Have a look round your home and identify with your style. Make a connection between what’s in your room, like the colours, materials and finishes! Do you have different woods and wood tones, metals, gold or brass finishes. What is the colour palette of the room? Is your style vintage or minimalist, art deco, provincial or rustic? A simple streamline frame can compliment a minimalist space or a heavy reclaimed wooden frame may look fabulous in a rustic beachside home. Or perhaps you may like the aesthetics of elegant gold framing within an art deco space!

Let your art be centre stage: A frame helps enhance your artwork, and it’s your art that you want to take centre stage. A frame helps draw your eye to the brilliance of the work impacting your mood or sparking a memory. Don’t let your frame compete with, or distract you from, your art, but rather let it compliment your art. For example, a vintage-style travel poster in an oak wood vintage style poster frame will totally compliment your art and that era. Or a more ornate frame with a white or coloured mat border can really elevate a simpler piece of art.
I think the most important element in choosing a frame for your art is trusting your instincts. Go with what feels right for you. Your art deserves to shine brightly on your walls!
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Alex Mileham